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All our products are made with Tongue and Groove Logs 


* Please note Below prices include only one window and one door. (window - 400mmx400mm)
* Prices subject to change without notice.
* All wendy house wall heights can be increased to 2.1 metres at a 12% additional cost

The position of the window and the door is up to the client. We also give you the choice of a stable door at no additional charge. 


The prices below are for Wendy Houses & Tool Sheds (floor, walls, door, window and roof). Many optional extras can be added to further enhance our standard wendy house. 

Size                      Wendy        Veranda           Total Price 


R5 500.00

R 1 400.00

R 6 900.00


R7 300.00

R 1 400.00

R 8 700.00


R8 500.00

R 1 800.00

R 10 300.00


R10 000.00

R 1 800.00

R 11 800.00


R9 900.00

R 2 100.00

R 12 000.00


R12 000.00

R 2 100.00

R 14 100.00


R16 200.00

R 2 100.00

R 18 300.00


R14 400.00

R 2 950.00

R 17 350.00


R21 600.00

R 2 950.00

R 24 550.00


Optional Extras:

* Veranda                       * Ceiling

* Insulation                    * Stilts

* Double Walls               * Additional Windows 

* Partitions                      

* Different Wall Heights Wendy’s 

* Plus many more, inquire online or at our showrooms.



Stilts R180m³                         Ceiling R180m³

No windows included in Wendy houses.


NE1 Window

“400x 400”

R 300.00

NE2 Window

“400 x 900”

R 450.00

NC2 Window

“900 x 900”

R 480.00




32 Pretoria Road





  • All sizes quoted are on nominal roof dimension.
  • 400mm is needed all round for installation.
  • Please ensure that the unit ordered will fit in the space available.
  • Ground to be fairly level & free of obstructions, the gradient should not exceed 300mm.
  • No water or electrical installations should be under or above the unit.
  • Municipal & Estate regulations are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Please ensure that the person on site at the time of delivery is aware of the unit position.
  • Acceptance of the unit confirms the installation and position indicated.
  • Failed install for any reason will be subject to charge.
  • Payment terms are 50% deposit and balance on erection.
  • Delivery dates given at time of inquiry are estimates.
  • Delivery dates can only be confirmed on Proof of Payment.
  • Delivery can be affected by unforeseen circumstances and rain.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • All sales are subject to our standard Terms & Conditions.




Wendys and Cabins is an owner supervised store operating in and around Benoni, Gauteng. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for all your wendy and cabin needs: We install and deliver in surrounding areas 

Wendy houses - within 60km and Cabins within 100km


We offer a new concept - WENDY CABINS - which is a great success with schools and lower cost housing. This is a combination of a cabin and a wendy house. Contact us for all the details regarding this innovative concept.

  • We design and install wendy houses and cabins, to suite your individual needs

 We have been around long enough to know there is no "standard" size, shape or design to suite everyone. We, therefore, offer custom built and standard sizes for you to choose from.


    • Various additional options are available on each wendy house, tool shed, cottage, doll house or cabin.
  • Chat to your sales team and let us customise your dream cabin or wendy house 
  • Or drop us a mail and we will quote you accordingly
  • We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services at the right price. We offer fast and affordable delivery to your home or directly to the construction site.



  •    Please see our online catalog or visit our store. We will be happy to help you.

        For delivery fees outside Gauteng or optional extras for the Wendy Houses, please contact us.


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